How to take a screenshot of your iPad or iPhone app

It is possible to use in-built functionality of your iPad or iPhone (or iPod Touch) to take screenshots (picture of your app screen) and then email the picture/screenshot. So, for example, you can email screenshots of graphs generated by the Economy or Government Spending apps. Here is how to take a screenshot

1. Launch the iPhone or iPad (Economy or Government Spending) app. Navigate to the page that has the graph you’re interested in. Scroll down, if necessary.

2. Press the Home button on your iPhone/iPad and hold it down. (Note that in potrait mode, the ‘Home’ button is the button below the iPhone/iPad display screen)

3. While the Home button is held down,  press the Sleep button and quickly release it. Release the ‘Home’ button after this (Note that the Sleep/Power button is on the opposite side of the ‘Home’ button. It is on the top of the screen on the right side)

4. After step 3, you will see a white flash on your screen and hear a camera click sound. The screenshot will be added to your iPhone (or iPad) camera roll.

5. You can now close the app and launch Apple’s Photos app. You’ll see the screenshot at the end of your camera roll. 

Now that you have the picture in your camera roll, you can use itunes on your Mac (or PC) desktop/laptop to copy the picture/screenshot to your computer.

Alternately, you can use the following steps to email the picture to yourself.

1. Launch the ‘Photos’ app. Tap the picture you’re interested in

2. Tap the “Send photo” icon on the page and then select the ‘Email photo” option. If you don’t see the icon, tap the screen again and the icon will appear.

3. Email the photo/screenshot to yourself. On your desktop/laptop computer, open the new email and save the attached screenshot/photo.

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