iPhone Economy app now the #1 paid app in the Finance category

Terrific news tonight (Thursday, 7/30), our iPhone Economy app is now the #1 paid app in the “Finance” category. This is a remarkable achivement for the app and I’d like to thank all users who’ve tried out the app and helped make this a popular app.

The iPhone Economy app was released on July 4 and it got to the 4th place (in “Finance” ) within a week after release. We have received a number of emails from users and most of them said they loved the app. Many (though not all) feature requests/suggestions from our users will be implemented in our 1.1 release. The 1.1 version is due to be released in the first half of August.

http://CascadeSoft.net/Economy.aspx has more details on the app and the app can be downloaded from the app store.

Incidentally, the iPhone Economy app is the 4th app from Cascade Software Corporation.

It is also the second #1 app from Cascade Software Corporation. Last year, our first app (the iPhone Election app) was – at one time – the #1 paid app in the “News” category.

8 Responses to iPhone Economy app now the #1 paid app in the Finance category

  1. Randall Plant says:

    The description of the app on iTunes doesn’t mention if the data will be updated as new reports are released, or if instead it only shows historical data. Can you clarify that?

  2. Ram says:

    Thanks for asking, the data does get updated with every new report.
    I’ll see if we can make the description more clear. (The original (and current) description said “latest economic indicators” in the first paragraph and “latest values of key economic indicators” in the third paragraph)

  3. Randall Plant says:

    Thanks for the reply. I did see the word “latest”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that data will be continuously updated after the purchase.

    And BTW I just bought the app; after all, for 99 cents how can you go wrong?!

    • Ram says:

      Thanks for trying out the app and thanks also for the feedback on the description.
      I agree that “latest” doesn’t necessarily mean that the data will be continuously updated.
      I’ll make the description more clear to indicate the data will be updated with every new report.

  4. john says:

    I also bought the app, I think this problem could be easily fixed by inserting a line that says something like “next available release XX YYYY 20ZZ” near the date for the existing report.

    It really is a great app, thanks for making it, it’s really nice to have at your fingertips.

    • Ram says:

      @John, thanks for the note. I’m glad you like the app and appreciate your compliment.

      I agree that publishing the next release date will solve the issue raised by @Randall Plant. It will also be a fairly useful feature in its own right.
      Unfortunately, I don’t know of any good way to get the next release date for each indicator in an automated manner. These indicators come from different government agencies and (at the moment), the Federal Reserve doesn’t seem to track future release dates. However, I’ll investigate this topic further next month.

  5. vmyrto says:

    This is a pretty good app, however adding the economic calendar and some sort of notifications when new data is reported would be great and very helpful. Or where it says under each indicator “published monthly/early/weekly” add a date when the report is published.
    thanks. great apps with govt spending as well

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