iPhone Economy App now ranked #1 paid app among ~700 paid apps in the Finance category.

iPhone Economy App selected by Apple and featured in Apple’s (iTunes) “STAFF FAVORITES” section.

 iPhone Economy app featured on cover (and chapter 5) of Wiley Publishing’s book on Incredible iPhone Apps

Economic news apps for iPhone (Macworld review)

…………..As I mentioned, professionals such as my financial advisor pal prefer data from primary sources, generally unfiltered.

For them, it’s tough to do better than Cascade Software’s Economy app. Economy aggregates weekly, monthly and quarterly information from government sources and the Federal Reserve. The app is a one-stop shop for 39 of the leading indicators that economists and financial analysts love to parse, from unemployment rates and manufacturers’ durable goods orders to net exports of U.S. goods and services.

………………..And it’s a handy resource to have available in the palm of your hand. (I could have used a tool like this one 10 years ago when I wrote editorials for a national daily business newspaper targeted to investors.)

…………..Economy offers up easily digested chunks of essential economic data.

9/17 /09 Macworld review by Ben Boychuk

Inflation, trade deficits and other economic data on the iPhone (TechFlash)

Housing starts. Unemployment rates. Trade deficits. Now, you can easily track those depressing financial indicators and more while on the go……..

…..released a 99 cent application called Economy earlier this month to glowing reviews………..

…..He said he built the application because he is a “news guy” who is interested in software that “may contribute to the civic good.”
Cascade Software has experienced some other success with iPhone app development in the civic software category……………………….

7/20/09 John Cook, Executive Editor, TechFlash

Economy app tracks both boom and bust (Appolicious review)

Economy is beautiful in its simplicity and provides ………

Economy hits you with so much knowledge, that purchasing the app is an economic no-brainer.

Appolicious review by Phil Hornshaw

Geekwire story on our Economy app for Android. We had signed a strategic partnership agreement with Samsung and the app was originally exclusive to Samsung device. However, the app now runs on thousands of different types of Android devices.

The Seattle Times has written stories about us including one regarding a phone call with Steve Jobs and one about our partnership with Intel and a Windows app that we released in Intel’s AppUp store.



Bloomberg story on the iPhone app store has a couple of quotes from our company.

See TV coverage of the iPhone Government Spending app at our local NBC affiliate or at our regional cable news network (It is the same ‘Talkin Tech’ segment on both sites)

Your tax dollars at work

‘Wow is this an eye-opener! No opinions here, just the facts. Straight information from the government’s own databases ………………

…….  This is one reference app that will actually raise more questions than it answers – as well it should. Kudos to the developers for a nice job in putting this information into a format that’s easy (and fun) to explore.’

An app-store reviewer (Crpwest) on the iPhone Government Spending app

ok, this app is fun… and I already won an argument with it!! Do you have plans/access to state data as well?

Twitter:@JoshMaher on the iPhone Government Spending app


All the info you always wished could be seen under one handheld roof

An app-store reviewer (ggloyd) on the iPhone Economy app

just bought my first iphone and your economy app was one of my first downloads. I think it is great and am telling my fellow …………

Email from a user on the iPhone Economy app

 I love the Economy app……..

Email from a user on the iPhone Economy app

Love your products………

Email from a user

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