Economy app for Windows PCs in the AppUp store

Note: Intel shutdown its AppUp store in March, 2014 and so the Windows version of our app is not available anymore.


Our popular Economy app gives you a snapshot of the US economy. It was ranked #1 for several weeks on Apple’s top charts for the Finance category. Our website has more details on the iPhone version and the iPad version of the Economy app

The Windows version of the Economy app can be downloaded from Intel’s AppUp store. The app gives you the latest values of key economic indicators (GDP, Housing, Employment, Business, M2 money stock etc.). The app provides graphs that track the values of these economic indicators across the past few decades and these graphs can be saved on disk (for printing, emailing etc.).

Screenshots of the app can be seen here. More details on the app are available here.

How to download the Economy app on a Windows XP or Windows 7 PC

AppUp (Intel’s App Store equivalent) download

1. Go to Intel’s AppUp site to download and install the Intel AppUp Client. (Note: AppUp is Intel’s equivalent of itunes and the app store. It requires Windows XP (SP3) or Windows 7.)

2. Launch the AppUp client, click on “Signup”  and complete the registration process to create a new account with Intel (Intel is one of the computer world’s most recognized brands and creates most of the processors for computers that run Windows)

Download the Economy app

1. Launch the Intel AppUp client

2. In the “Search” box, type “Cascade Software” (without the quotes) and hit the ENTER key.

3. Click the Economy app to download it.

After download, the Economy app can be launched through the AppUp store or through its desktop icon/shortcut or through program listings in the Start menu.

3 Responses to Economy app for Windows PCs in the AppUp store

  1. congrats! This is very timely, not from a windows POV, but I am thinking of the US economy.

  2. Charlie says:

    Looks like a neat app I’d like to have, but I don’t think I’ll overcome yet another DRM service (AppUp). Hopefully you will offer a more direct download eventually.

    • Ram says:

      Thanks for the comment on the app, I’m glad you find it interesting.
      I understand the criticism of app stores (and the fact that app stores use DRM systems to verify that the user has legitimately purchased the app), but for now, using the different app stores seems like the only economically viable way for us to develop/release apps.

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